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Why Impact Elite Hockey

IMPACT ELITE HOCKEY, run by head instructor Joe Venuto offers a different approach to
training each player based on level and age. The program addresses peripheral
mind and feet mechanics, thought peripheral processes, and skills in
transition. Every element of his drills has everything you can use in a game.


The main difference between the IMPACT ELITE HOCKEY training and other programs is it’s
designed to analyze your skills to be more productive during the game, not just
give you skills.


“Players who come to my training are looking for the tactics, skills, and mind mechanics.
IMPACT ELITE HOCKEY is all of that combined. Every drill has certain elements
that show me who you are, and it tells me a bit about your background.”
Joe Venuto

Skills Training


Defense Training


Power Skating


Team Training


Body checking/ body contact


Adult Training


Private & Semi-Private Sessions

To arrange private or semi-private training sessions please reach out to us directly.