NEWS:Impact Hockey Client Philip Broberg taken 8th overall by Edmonton Oilers in 2019 NHL Draft

When I came here the ice skating was really my only strength. But we have worked with the shot, the puck treatment and everything needed to make me a better player. I have grown as a player and as a human being. It is not just on the ice, it is also about how to eat and how to prepare for the matches. The coaches in the club put a lot of pressure on that with the diet and to care for the body properly.

- The organization here in Stockholm takes great care of everything in my development, both in the defensive and the offensive game.

Defensive and offensive does not resemble Broberg's great idol and role model, Tampa Bay Lightnings Norris Trophy winner Victor Hedman. Bodily, Hedman and Broberg are pretty similar: Victor Hedman weighs in at 100 kilos and 198 centimeters and Philip Broberg at 92 kilos and 190 cm. Considering that Broberg is only 17 years old - he turns 18 in height with the dull this summer - there is time to put on muscle weight.

Philip Broberg already has contacts in North America: in addition to training at Hovet and Ritorp, specialty pilot Philip Broberg with Canadian coach Joe Venuto in Toronto.

- We train shots and club technology, says Philip Broberg.

Had Broberg wanted, he would have been closer to the training sessions with Joe Venuto. Philip Broberg was drafted by Toronto-close Hamilton Bulldogs in the Ontario Hockey League (OHL), but chose to return to Sweden.

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